The first one 2004-03-18

Oooh my first entry. I'm a diaryland virgin and here you are witnessing my cherry poppin'. Okay that was gross, sorry for the graphicness. Is that even a word?

I always wondered about people who wrote in these things because it's kinda like peeking into someone else's private world. I almost feel like i'm invading someones personal space by reading their "diary." But what the heck, I have a boring job i might as well use my time wisely right?

So what do you wanna know anyways? What i ate for breakfast today? Well if you must know it was a Bally's Meal Replacement Bar. I know, healthy right?

Well see i'm trying to get my sassy ass in shape and so far so good. I had a personal trainer for awhile (only "awhile" because who the hell can afford them anyways?) and everything is going very well.

I'm not too strict with my eating habits as i should but i think thats okay. I mean people gotta eat and they should eat what they want, just in moderation. That's my motto.

I once read a quote from that chick from that show on that one channel. You know what i'm talking about. That Karen Brisco show that went nowhere. Anyways, the actress was saying in an interview that she loves to eat and she wasn't willing to starve herself for hollywood. She said some famous Italian man (forget his name) once said he never trusted a woman who didn't eat. It means she's probably not good in bed.

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