Pardon me while i barf up a lung 04.02.04

Arrrggh, I'm still sick.

What is it with the stomach flu? It just refuses to leave my body. Mentally i feel pretty good, and actually physically i'm okay but i still don't feel 100%. Not fun

The roommate sage continues. I swear me and vanessa get along fine when her and i are together but when she's not there i want to just strangle her. She leaves her crap everywhere in the living room and keep in mind we have a small apartment so a little mess goes a long way. But like a good "mother" i pick up her shit and throw it in her room. You'd think she'd get the hint by now.

I know i'm ranting but it gets better...I came hom last night around 10 and took some Nyquil thinking that would help me sleep. Wrong. Not only that but i woke up at 3:45AM, yes 3:45 in the morning to gunshots and screaming! I thought someone was getting murdered in my living room but no, it was just Vanessa watching Gangs of New York DVD and blasting it. I screamed at her and she apologized for being such an idiot. "I'm playing it like I'm at a movie theatre, I'm sorry." I believe were her exact words.

I slammed my door in her face.

Then a half hour later the movie is still on and is still loud. I go out there to turn it down and guess who's asleep? Makes you wanna strangle someone doesn't it?

Okay i suppose this ends my rant for the roommate. This is exactly what I didn't want this diary to turn into but hey, sometimes you just gotta get this shit out in the open.

Let's hope that crap that's infesting my stomach goes with it. 0 comments so far

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