Take me out to the ball game 04.05.04

Ahhh...opening day. Well, technically opening day for the Cubs is on Monday but their first real game is today so that's exciting.

I think everyone is just getting really antsy for spring to finally GET HERE already you know? Enough with the crappy weather and the crappy moods. Give us sunshine! Give us birds singing! Have you ever noticed how much more happy people are when the weather is nice? I swear it's electric sometimes when i'm walking down the street. You can almost feel people's good mood coming through their bodies. Or maybe it's just me and their actually passing gas or something.

I had a very uneventful weekend. It consisted of doing laundry, going grocery shopping and doing my taxes. Doesn't that just make you wish you were me?

I realized I owe the government mucho dollars because of a job i had that listed me (as well as all of their other part time employees) as freelance contractors. So no taxes were taken out. Needless to say my next two paychecks are going to the government. Bastards.

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