Are there any good radio stations out there? 04.07.04

So I don't know if you listen to the Howard Stern Show but if you caught the April 1st show he started the show with an April Fools Joke. It was a show that is basically like the rest of the crap that is on the radio today, called The Cross and Lopez Show

Their motto was "Fun without the Filth." They played poppy music, had cheesy contests, etc. They were basically Howards "replacement" since he was taken off the air.

Well after about 5 minutes of them babbling on you could tell it was a joke. Howard came back on the air after about an hour and half and said it was a joke but that it could actually happen.

At first i was like, you know a show like that could never last but now that i have a radio at work and i listen to it during the day, it is so sad. There are so many BAD BAD BAD morning shows out there and even the dj's in the afternoon are crappy. It's radio without a BRAIN imo. Not that all talk-radio shows need to be controversial but this is ridiculous. I find myself listening to Howard not only for entertainment value but because he has an actual opinion about topics and current affairs and the dj's on the station down the dial from him are discussing American Idol and reality tv and what's Justin Timberlake up to these days.

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