You're kidding me 04.08.04

Okay so i just wrote a whooooole entry and the page didn't come up and it completely erased it.

Hmm, is that sign that my entry wasn't very good? Oh well. Let's try this again.

My week has been most excellent, mainly because i saw The Twilight Singers last night at the Metro. They put on an amazing show as usual. Greg Dulli, the lead singer, is so brilliant. This guy has a gut and is honestly not that great looking but after he sings one note you melt and think, "Yeah, he's fuckable." I mean the man just oozes sex appeal. He must have smoked a dozen cigarettes and drank 5 drinks the whole time and to be honest i think it made him sound even better if that's possible.

The opening band was good too, which is rare isn't it? They wre called the Damnwells and they were kinda pop.rock.rockabilly. I don't know how to describe them but i liked them alot. Not the whiney type of music like John Mayer that seems to be popular lately. (WHY? I don't get it)

As for the rest of my week i'm going home for Easter which i'm really excited about. First Easter without Grandma but i think it'll be okay. My baby nephew and Katelin will make it fun and remind us what a great family we have.

I was reading someone else's diary recently and she was talking about going to NYC and it got me nostalgic for the two trips i've taken there too. I freakin love that city! I would move there in a second if it wasn't so damn expensive. I was walking around my neighborhood and even though i love chicago and i'm so glad i'm here, i did get a little sad for NYC. I like that chi-town is like a little NYC though. At least, that's the way i think of it.

I want to make another trip there this summer but i'm so poor and i dont know anyone who lives there that i could crash with. Anyone wanna be my roadie?

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