I am... 04.09.04

Okay i stole this from starlight42 cause it looked interesting and i wanted *something* fun to post today.

I am...

Feel: Pretty damn good

Hope: I can leave work early today to get home to Cleveland at a decent hour

Wish: My hair was having a good day

Think: About getting a condo

Smell: like Love Spell from Vicki's Secrets

Crave: To choke my boss's wife

Want: to eat lunch now

Need: to get laid

Love: my little nephew

Like: my new cookbook

Lie about: Nothing really, i'm an honest abe

Complain about: my roommate and her lack of respect for my privacy

Hate: when my roommate conveniently forgets to take out the garbage. I'm getting too old for this crap.

Deserve: to get laid (sensing a pattern?)

Believe: this Easter is going to be a tough one to get through

Dream: of marrying a rich man (j/k)...well, sort of

Am afraid of: not figuring out what the hell to do with myself

Scream when: when i found out i have backstage tickets to Chris Isaak.

Cry when: I watch Extreme Makeover:Home Edition, shhh don't tell anyone.

Laugh when: Someone in front of me trips and falls.

Light up when: The Cubs win

Think the world: is really in a state of depression right now.

Despise: Stupid interns

Want to: be able to solve the word jumble in the paper

Am: Hungry

Will be: leaving soon

Get confused when: people talk like they have a dick in their mouth

Have no control of: how poor i am

Always: pick up after my roommate

Never: Forget my keys at home unlike some people i know

Usually: shower every day

Wear: jeans and a black top

Am not: a vegetarian

Do not: obey The Man

Will not: eat meat today cause it's friday

Would like to: have lots and lots of shoes in a big walk-in closet someday

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