Is it a full moon or what? 04.30.04

1. It has been so damn windy here that when i walked to the el i got about a pound of dirt encrusted into my contact lenses, rendering me blind for a good half hour.

2. I read an article in the news about a woman who drove around with her dead mother in the passenger seat of her car for about 5 days. Can you imagine the stench? I wonder if the daughter talked to her mom while she drove. Like, "Hey ma, want to listen to the country station? Can you spot me $5.00 for some gas? Should we stop at IHOP for breakfast?"

How the hell do you imagine that road trip went?

3. I went drinking last night and met these two guys who were "posing" as gay men but not until much later in the evening i realized that they indeed were not gay but completley straight. I guess that was their angle. I know it sounds retarded but damn it worked! The one guy was cute and i gave him my number. He's a psychotherapist. Which, if anything else, maybe i can score some Vicadin.

4. Someone told me my hands should be in porno's. He says they are so damn sexy i should just be the jerk-off girl. How fucked up is that?

5. Upon further investigation of my hands, i must agree with him.

6. I'm going to a Coyote Ugly type bar to watch women in bikini's ride the mechanical bull tonight.

7. I will not be one of the bikini-clad women.

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