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I just heard the most amazing idea EVER!

Maybe not ever, but damn close.

My crazy landlord heard that the Soviets are very upset with their weathermen. Seems they’ve been predicting snow in the forecast, so they get out their plows and salt but the snow NEVER comes and they just wasted a bunch of time and money preparing for it. So, they are proposing a $5,000 fine everytime the weathermen are wrong about the weather. How kick ass is that?

Why can’t we have that here? Can you imagine newscaster dude getting up there and saying, “You know what? I have no idea what tomorrow is going to be like. The temperature will be somewhere between 30 and 100 degrees with a 50/50 chance of something else like rain or wind. Make sure to wear a coat, shorts, bring an umbrella and sunscreen.”

It’s been 8 days and counting since my roommate did her dishes. This could actually be a good way to keep track of how much she DOESN’T do around the house.

I’m gonna copy eibisch and do the Saturday 8 even though it’s Monday.

saturday-8 :: fame and surgery!

1.have you had plastic surgery? if not, would you consider it? why or why not?

No, I haven’t and probably would never consider it unless it was a super spectacular circumstance like i was in a fire and got half my face burned off or something. I would never get anything vain done like boobs or stomach although at one point in my life i seriously considered getting lipo. But then i just look at the prices and think, “Okay i can just work out a lot and not take the pussy way out.”

2. have you seen anyone you knew on national television before? who were they, and what was the circumstances?

National? I don’t think so. Regional most likely. Actually saw my buddy Mason at the Cubs game for about .5 seconds while the camera panned across the front row. Go Mason! :)

3. do you think that gastric bypass surgery should be covered by health insurance? why or why not?

Yes because SOME and i stress SOME people really have an eating disorder and can’t quite put the cookie down. Although, you can only have one right? I mean it shouldn’t be done more than once anyways but i dont think those fatties should be coming back for more surgery if they fuck up you know?

4. have you ever been on national television? if yes, what was it for? if not, would you like to be on nat'l television? why/why not?

I think my left arm was on a tv show on VH1 while i was a production assistant. I even knew the camera guy and i still didn’t get on the show! Dammit.

5. i've seen young girls - 18 yrs. old - get breast implants. most women will go up a cup size around that age. how young is 'too young' for breast implants?

18 is probably too young but then again there are some 18 year olds who are more mature than your average 25 year old. It depends if they have a brain to begin with. And where the hell are the parents?

6. if you could appear in any medium - radio, television, print, film, internet - what would it be? why? or would you rather be anonymous?

Probably film but behind the camera would be better. I hate hate hate being on camera. I suppose this diary is sort of “an appearance” on the internet which is mostly annonymous which is why i like it best.

7. have you had any 'regular' surgery, something for health reasons only and not considered plastic surgery? why? if you haven't, who is the closest person to you to have surgery, and tell us about that.

Nope none. I can’t even think of any surgeries besides having my tonsils out when i was in second grade. Does that count? Hurt like hell but i got lots of ice cream and attention which is all good.

8. as of this moment, who is you most-favourite famous person? tell us about him/her, and what makes them so special to you.

Oh man that’s a tough one. Actually not it’s not. My adorable nephew Matthew! What makes him so special? Well probably the fact that he’s the cutest baby EVER! Anyone who knows me knows i can’t stand kids but this guy is the best. He’s got the chubbiest cheeks in the world and the brightest blue eyes and he’s just a big bruiser. I predict football star. 0 comments so far

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