The one where i just rant 06.09.04

Your useless fact of the day: Back when baseball first started, they called the start times that the teams played "beginnings" but people started getting confused. Probably because they were too busy getting tanked at the game and whatnot. So they shortened it to "innings." There. Wasn't that fascinating?

I'm officially a drug dealer. Should i be discussing this on a public website? Hmmmm...Eh, who cares. I sold some of my Vicodin from the Gum Surgery. But see this benefits me more than the guy who gets the drugs. Why? Because now i can go out and buy some freakin bread! I've been eating Nutri-Grain bars for breakfast lunch and dinner for 3 days straight and it's starting to get real old.

But bread! Precious carbs! Now i can make my PB & J sandwiches. Yes i still eat PB & J almost everyday for lunch so shut up. I never get sick of it. I swear i should be interviewed by some medical college or something because seriously, i think that's a gift. Well, not really but i like to feel special.

Good news on the roommate front: She might be moving out. But to where? Next door. That's right, she wants to move next door because that apartment has 2 living rooms and a dishwasher. A dishwasher. This is how lazy my roommate is. She is willing to pay $125 more than she pays now for a fucking dishwasher. I told her go right ahead but i'm happy where i am.

And i think now she's rebelling against me because i told her i don't want to move. I've been in this apartment almost 2 years and i like it. And i like my low rent. (You can't beat $475/month in Chicago)

So in her rebellion she has not done the dishes. I did them Sunday night and Monday night i come home to a shitload of dishes piled in the sink. I worked last night till 1 am and come home and guess what? They are still there.

End of rant about roommate.

Best joke ever:

Q: What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?

A:"Where the fuck is my tractor?" 0 comments so far

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