She's Alive 12.06.04

Wow, people actually noticed I was gone!

Thanks guys...I missed you all too but to be honest I've been either super busy or super lazy or a mixture of both lately.

But since it looks like my little following missed me, perhaps I should tell a funny story for old times sake.

I celebrated my birthday about oh..3 months ago. (wow it has been a long time since I posted). Anyways, i know I mentioned something on here about how bad it is to do shots. But i never explained why.

Well here it is:

A bunch of people from work and some friends met up with me at a bar after work on my birthday (a thursday). I hadn't eaten any dinner so consuming free drink after free drink was quickly met with drunkeness and slurred speech. How quick? I'd say an hour at the most. So it's 7pm and I'm already hammered. Then someone of course suggests doing shots and of course I suggest (more like insist) on doing Jager since that's "MY SHOT."
Things become blurry after that. Although i do remember doing one more shot that sent me over the edge. I want to say it was red bull and stoli although I don't know how accurate that is.
Next think I know (literally, this was the next thing i remember) I come home and mumble something to my roommate about the hutch (refer back a couple pages to the hutch story for details) and then i pass out.

I wake up the next morning and notice that my thighs feel really sore.
"Hmm...that's odd." I think to myself.

I get up and go to work and think to myself along the way..."How the hell did I get home?"
I check my messages on my phone (there were 5) and two of them were from friends checking up on me to see if I was okay.
"Hmm...interesting." I think to myself.

Later on in the day I email everyone to ask "Hey, how the hell did I get home last night?" I find out that I hitched a cab ride with two other friends who watched me go into my apartment.
Okay, we got that cleared up but why in the hell are my thighs so sore?

At one point in the day a co-worker of mine slapped my thigh and i cringed and said, "They're sore...I gotta go the bathroom and figure this out."
So lo and behold i look at my thighs and see the biggest most hideous looking black and blue marks I have ever seen.
"Hmmm....that's fucked up. I wonder how that happened." I think to myself.

So then I start asking questions to my friends who were present the night of this "incident."
"Did I fall down at the bar?"
"Did I fall out of the cab?"
"Did I get in a fight and someone took a chair and slammed it against my legs?"
No was the only response. That, a bunch of crazed looks from people.

Well that left one person to ask and that was my roommate. I vaguely remember talking to her that night, mabye she knows what happened.
I ask her Saturday morning:
"Say Vanessa, do you remember seeing me fall when I came home Thursday night?"
Vanessa proceeds to laugh her ass off for a good minute or two before she can even talk.
"Dude, you were crazy drunk and saying all kinds of shit. You went out on the porch to talk to me and Tim and started babbling on and on. Then, you walked through the screen door."
"I walked through the door?"
"Yeah you walked through the screen door and fell flat on your face. It was the funniest damn thing I've ever seen!"

"Hmmm....that explains alot," I thought to myself. *Edited to add that I just realized I mentioned this incident in an earlier entry but oh's still a good story.* 6 comments so far

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