Just call me bruiser. 09.14.04

By far the greatest birthday ever. I don't think I've ever been so grateful for moving to Chicago and meeting the people that I have.

The reason for the previous entry about shots was because..well, they erase your memory. And the one I had Thursday night made me blackout. Red bull and Stoli O? Ouch. Good thing i was with friends and not some random strangers because I don't even remember leaving the bar, coming home, or falling through my screen door.

Yes that's right. I fell. Through the screen door.

And I have the bruises to prove it.

Yet, ask me if I remember...NOPE.

Supposedly it was the funniest fall ever by those who got to witness it.

Friday night I figured it would be a good idea to chill...that means one drink instead of ten. We hung out at Germanfest which was fun. I bet it's even more fun if you're German and drunk.

Saturday night was the Par-tay.

The guests arrived casually late around 10pm. I love the excuses for showing up late:

"I was watching NASCAR!"

"I was watching football"

"I was jerking off!"

Whatever people!

That's okay because they made up for it by bringing watermelon soaked in watermelon flavored Vodka. YUM!

Plenty of drinking was had by all. I refrained from getting trashed...I think I had about 5 glasses of wine and about 5 pieces of watermelon. Just enough for a buzz.

At one piont in the night one of my guests thought it was time to break out "Jock Jams" and start dancing.

By the way, I do not own this CD, it was my roommates. I will never and have never purchased a "dance" CD.

Then came the strobe lights and dancing on the tables. I don't know if my coffee table gives off "dacing" vibes but it worked pretty damn well.

Some totally random events of the night:

*Knocking over the "Whip-it" garden. Yes my neighbors have a Whip-it planter. Basically a bunch of (empty) whip-it's in a planter. Creative, no?

*Some moron eating a pepper from a pepper plant. I forget the name of it..Halibus? Halibor? All i know is he was puking in the alley and doubled over in pain for a half hour later on. Nice one Einstein.

Quotes of the night:

"It looks like he's masturbating the light switch!"

"Yeah i woke up Friday morning feeling a little sore. By noon i had bruises on my thighs the size of China. I kept asking people, "Why do I have bruises on my thighs? What the hell did i do?""

"Do you wanna get laid or not?"

"Why are the fags outside on the porch and the hetero's are inside giving lap dances?"

"I have to be up in three hours to start tailgating."

"At 4 am we have to start moving furniture around."

And my favorite:

"Umm...the hutch on top of the fridge looks awful. Tell your roommate she's insane."

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