Best Of 08.03.04

Is it too egotistical to make a Best Of page?

I think not. At least, for my newer readers, they can just skip to the good ones. And by good, I mean "somewhat entertaining."

Without further ado...

1. Blind Date Story Part 1

The question: "How bad can it be?"

2. Blind Date Story Part 2

The answer: "Oh yes, it's really that bad."

3. Jay Mohr

My Jay Mohr story plus a pic of moi.

4. Orientals

Damn those 'rentals and their cheap novelty items!

5. A Jackoff Story Why I dig the free meals on dates

6. Party Eitquette What NOT to do at a Party

7. Am I fired Yet? The thoughts that go through your mind when you might get laid off.

8. Roommate Woes Why I need a place of my own

9. BBQ Rules What you need to know before grilling at my apartment

10. Are we on a date? Why I'm extra cautious of the guys I date

11. Cookie Monster The Cookie Monster Story

12. Gay Boys Why I love being a fag hag.

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