That's not V05, that's cheese oil. 10.22.04

As I was working out last night at the gym, I noticed one of the tv's was set to ABC's Primetime Live. They had a special on about American Sex Lives and a study/poll they did recently and the results that they found.
All I have to say is, thank god the sound was turned off because there is just something disturbing about John Quinonis and Diane Sawyer talking about threesomes. That's almost as bad as your parents discussing their sex life. We just don't need to know.

On a side note, i reek of bratwurst. We had brats for bbq today at work and one of the kinds was this cheddar wurst. One co worker commented to me:"You know they actually shoot the cheese oil in them..."
Me:"Really? bad could it be?"

One bite later i had cheese oil shooting out of my mouth in all directions. One must have landed into my hair because now I have a few crusty strands that reek of cheese brats. I kept asking people, "OOh god smell my hair! Smell it!!"
There's gotta be a way to use this to my advantage.

In other news, Derek Jeter is probably crying his eyes out this weekend for not making it to the World Series. And that makes me happy. Very Very happy.
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