Just kill me now 06.14.04

So I met a celebrity Saturday. The lovely and talented Jay Mohr. What a cutie pie! He's also the host of Last Comic Standing on NBC.

If my roommate ever hooks up the DSL (and by hook up i mean get off her lazy ass and call the cable company to get it installed) i could show you the pic I got with him.

Turns out he was at Border's signing his new book Gasping for Airtime . It's about his two years on Saturday Night Live. Good easy read, i'm already half way through.

He seems like a really sweet, down to earth guy. He even said, "Wow" to me when he looked up at me while he was signing my book. I think it was my eyes, if i may have one conceited moment here. My eyes are very blue and i don't think he was expecting these huge blue eyes to be staring down at him. Either that or he just thought, Wow, this chick sucks.

Anyways, when it came time to take a picture, the security guard had my camera and there was some media women there with a camera too. So i actually looked at her camera and Jay, being a gentleman and smarter than I, looked at mine. So when i actually previewed it when all was said and done, I was looking one way and he was looking the other. I'm an idiot but at least he looks hot. In other news, can i just say how happy I am that Detroit is beating the crap out of the Lakers? Sorry to all you Lakers fans out there. All one of you. But I gotta go with Detroit on this one. After the poor performance (on and off the court, Jesus, Shaq is such a crybaby) from the Lakers i don't think they deserve to win.

One last thing. Why do people feel the need to say hello to you on your way to work? I'm talking complete strangers here. I know i know, people are just trying to be nice but why must i feel obligated to say hello back to said stranger? I don't know you.

Not only that, i got harrassed by a bum the other day. No shit.

I'm walking down the street minding my own business when this bum says to me, "Beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous."

My response? Complete silence and a straight face. I mean, i don't want to start a conversation with this guy, he might be a serial killer, albeit a smelly one.

Well that must have set this guy off because in his next breath he tells the girl walking behind me "Now that's a nice looking girl." She responds by saying thank you and he says, "That's what i'm talking about! Hell, you know how to take a compliment!"

Well shit, i'm sorry. I actually felt bad for about 5 seconds before i realized I was thinking about apologizing to someone who probably talks to himself on a daily basis and can't afford a breathmint.

I got complimented and insulted in the span of 15 seconds. That's a new record.

And! chaostraffic filled out my survey. Which makes the grand total 7! Woohoo almost double digits baby yeah! 1 comments so far

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