Say What? 07.01.04

Not much going on today so I'll share a story from one of my tennis boys:

"So yeah I went up to The Union (a bar) one time to watch a Brown's game and I noticed the place was packed, yet very very quiet. No one was making a sound. Not even when they scored a touchdown. After awhile I found out it was an outing for a bunch of deaf people."

That made me laugh.

So I asked him how did they sign, "YAY! WOOHOO! Way to go team!" or something. He didn't know...which got me thinking.

If I suddenly became deaf tomorrow, would i still curse? I mean I guess i'd have to figure out how to sign "Fuck off" or "Shit!" or "Shove it!"

Forget "Hi my name is Michelle and I'm deaf." No i want to learn all the bad words first.

I once saw two women on the El "talking" in sign language and I found it quite fascinating. You could find other deaf people and have all these secret conversations. You could make fun of the person sitting next to you without them even knowing! Almost like being invisible, but not quite.

I deaf people talk to themselves? Do they walk down the street signing to themselves?

Is my obsession with the deaf a little scary?

I'm going to Google "Sign language" and see if I can figure out how to sign, "Sweeeeeet."

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