The Art of Shopping 08.17.04

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you I'm not a good "shopper." I hate hate hate it. There are some women who must be born with a certain gene that makes them love shopping while others, like me, have the gene that makes them loathe it.

Case in point: I went this weekend to find a dress for the wedding this weekend. I wanted something relatively cheap ($50 at the most) and a nice color. That's all i ask! No black because frankly, I'm sick of the little black dress. It's sooo boring, not to mention the fact that it makes me look even whiter than I am. If that's even possible.

So I had at least a general idea of what I wanted which is good. You need a plan if you go shopping. Anything else is just called "browsing" and trust me, I can't find shit when i'm browsing. That never works.

The dress-finding excursion was the easy part. I managed to find a light green..well it doesn't matter. The point is I think I look nice in it.

The hard part is the shoes. I don't know what it is about this summer, but I have had the worst luck with finding shoes that actually don't dig into my skin and bruise my feet. I have serious blisters and scars on my feet from bad sandals. I swear I try them on in the store and they feel awesome and when I go to walk down the street, I have to limp and scuffle my feet to prevent the shoes from falling off.

I don't get it.

Eventually, I found a pair of silver shoes to go along with the dress.

But what about the ceremony? I can't very well wear the dress to the church. So that means yet another outfit to find.

I said to myself, Screw the top, I can find a blouse in my closet and just tried to find some nice slacks. Mission accomplished. I found a pair of nice pink pants that will be fine. Not stellar, but good enough. And dammit after a long day of shopping, good enough does the job.

In total I spent $125. But, that doesn't include jewelry. So that might be another $20. And I'm including tanning in that amount too which is $50 for 100 minutes. I went Sunday already and didn't use lotion. OOPS. Little burnt but still have a good base tan going on. One more session before the wedding oughta do it.

Yet I have and even bigger problem. I still haven't gotten the happy couple a gift yet. Any ideas? Everything on their registry was bought long ago.

One more thing. If you want to sponsor me in the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk and didn't get an email from me, please email me and let me know so I can send you the info.

Thanks to all who donated already!

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