And I ran....I ran so far away... 08.06.04

My dreams are something out of a Hitchcock/Stephen King/that guy who made "Showgirls" movie.

They usually involve someone having sex (hardly ever me) and, or, someone getting killed or dead or dying.

And granted I love horror/thriller movies, but I haven't been watching any lately that would make me have these dreams. "The Village" does not count. I haven't even been watching Porn. Seriously. you would think with the roommate gone i would break that stuff out but I don't know. There's just something weird about being alone in your apartment watching porn all alone. Something very sad and, what's the word? PATHETIC. At least for me.

I need a dream analyst to sit in my room with pen in hand ready to jot down exactly what I was dreaming as soon as i wake up. I think I would make a good science experiement. Who else dreams about a leaking ceiling and swearing at your mother while she washes your dishes while your neighbors are having sex in the hallway? Anyone care to tell me just what in the hell that means?

In brighter, less fucked up news, Guess who is playing at this years Market Days in Chicago?

That's right, everyone's favorite 80's band, "A Flock of Seagulls."

Come to think of it, that is kind of fucked up. My first thought when I heard that was "Holy Fucking shit! A flock of Seagulls? I'm so there!" But now i'm kind of thinking..."A Flock of Seagulls? Who gives a shit?"

Alas, the roommate is coming back in a few days. She decided to extend her stay in Boston by a few extra days so she could continue to drive daddy's Porsche around town. Let's all give her a big "Awww...poor baby."

And then spit on her. Beotch.

Something tells me my dream tonight will consist of seagulls trying to kidnap me while cruising down the highway in a Porsche while onlookers yell at me and play bad 80's music.

Well, with any luck, someone will be having sex in the backseat.

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