Today is October 11th. Yes, that's right. OCTOBER. 08.12.04

First thing, read this. Yes it's sad and tragic but the last couple paragraphs made me laugh.

What can I say, I'm a cold hearted person.

Speaking of cold, in case you didn't get the memo, IT'S FUCKING COLD! And you have to say it just like that when/if you're visiting/living in Chicago right now.

None of this, "Oh it's a wee-bit nipply," or "It's somewhat chilly today isn't it?" No. Those simply won't do. You need to exclaim from the rooftops, or from your desk or from wherever you are at the time and shout out "My GOD It's Fucking FREEZING!"

Mother Nature needs a swift kick in the ass. I'm pretty sure she's smoking a big fat doobie and just kinda forgot to get her ass in gear this month. She's totally twidling her thumbs in the Midwest and just kinda forgot that it's supposed to be WARM in August. HOT actually. And now she's laughing at us all who had to break out our fall wardrobe a whole 2 months early, shivering on our way to work, and turning the heat up in our cars when we SHOULD be at the beach or outdoors at a nice beer garden.

That stupid bitch.

57 degrees?!? Unacceptable.

In totally unrelated news, Rescue Me on FX is the BEST NEW SHOW right now. Anytime i get to see two sex scenes in one show is always a great thing. And the producers got something right for once and cast hot actors as firemen. Cause we all know firemen are always hot. It's a prerequisite. I found myself actually smiling to myself as i saw a fire truck barrel down the street the other day, horns blazing, knowing full well there were probably 3 or 4 hot guys in that truck.

HOT, indeed.

I just realized this entry was about Hot and Cold without really meaning to be.


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