I hate Rene Zellwegger 07.20.04

Once in a great while a string of events occur in my life that give off the impression that I have a social life.

This would be the month for it. Not only did I have a BBQ, I went to 2 others, and I have 3 more parties to take part in. And yes even being asked out by old dorks counts. Funny how this all happened the second my roommate went on vacation. I should kick her out more often. It awakens the social spirits in me.

I'll be doing this on Friday, this on Saturday morning (watching only, not playing. I have about 10% atheltic ability in my body and that's mainly coordination, not AIM.) and going to a VIP party on Saturday night.

That concludes my social calendar for the year. No seriously, for the entire year. Okay maybe it's not that bad. I do have a wedding in August.

As for the Scene party, I love how the website says Dress is Ultra Chic. I don't own anything Ultra Chic. I'm your standart t-shirt and jeans girl with the occasional "nice outfit" outfit. you know the type, when you wear something nice to work and everyone notices because normally you're just wearing the same old boring crap. Yeah, I have like 3 of those outfits. Actually, more like 3 nice tops and maybe 1 pair of super nice pants.

As for Friday, I'm wearing a somewhat sexy black top and black pants. That is as chic as it gets around here. I have neither the money nor the time to shop for something that will cost me half a paycheck and that i'll only wear once only to probably have something spill on it during the night.

So I Googled myself today. For no other reason than to just kill time and satisfy my curiousity. The funny thing is, the real me appeared in there twice. Both times were for articles I sent in to The Dent website. Because I'm a Tori fan...She's my girl.

But the funny part is i found out some soccer player in Milan has my same name but her stats aren't listed so I'm thinking she sucks. And, there's a porn star with my name too. Well, maybe not a star...A porn actress. One of the lesser knowns. And it looks like she only did one and gave up on it.

And don't tell me none of you have googled yourself because you know you have. And if you haven't you should. Who knows, you might find out you're related to a porn star!

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