Freaking out with Ronald McDonald 06.21.04

A very eventful weekend and, for once, not much alcohol was involved.

Friday: Had friends in from Cleveland. I took them to a few bars downtown...Unfortunately, like alot of the bars downtown, there wasn't much in the way of eye candy. Just a bunch of older business men. But, i did have an interesting conversation with a couple guys about how much I hate the Bulls and the Sox and how i will never, ever root for them no matter how long i live in Chicago.

We ended the night at Excalibur where we had to pay $10 to dance next to stinky smelly men who don't believe in bathing. I won't mention their race because not all men in their country don't bathe and god forbid i sound like a racist. But this particular guy insisted on pushing his ass into my friends ass. This must be some sort of act of foreplay in his country. She has a lot more patience than i did so she just pushed back. I resorted to elbowing him in the stomach and calling him an asshole. That made me feel much better.

Saturday: I woke up early to participate in the Greater Chicago Food Depository Hunger Walk.

This was obviously a family oriented event but i didn't mind going alone. The only odd part was that McDonald's and Quaker are big sponsors so they had someone dressed up at Capn Crunch and Ronald McDonald and his buds to entertain the kids. They also had some stuff like face painting and these two freaky looking guys on stilts terrorizing the kids. I mean, playing with the kids but from what i could tell they just scared the kids away. They were almost like big tall clowns. And we all know how scarey clowns are.

I got there so early i saw the characters emerge from what must be considered the Mcdonald's mobile. Sitting on a bench i witnessed the Hamburglar, Grimace and that bird...Birdy? Tweety? Hell i don't know her name. That stupid bird that's on the Happy Meals.

Anyways, they pop out of the van and all i hear is "Okay guys listen up," from Ronald McDonald. He was actually giving them a pep talk.

But you gotta picture this at 8 in the morning with no one else around. I got Cap 'n Crunch walking around, 2 guys on stilts that give me the heebie jeebies and then i see Ronald and his pals all nodding their heads and listening intently to whatever Ron was babbling on about.

All i could think of was, "If i was stoned right now this would really be freaking me out."

Saturday night I took my friends to Cubby Bear. There was a Gun's N Roses cover band there. Now wouldn't you think if you were a cover band you would play the good, popular songs from that band? No, not these guys. They played that song from Terminator 2, Knockin on Heaven's Door, and 2 other songs that i didn't even recognize as GNR songs. The lead singer even made a comment that he was sure we all wanted to hear songs like Patience and Sweet Child o Mine and that he would play those in a little bit. Well, 4 songs later he still wasn't playing them. A waste of a night. And $6 to get in. And we all know how cheap i am so that made me mad. But then again, one of my friends paid for me so i shouldn't really complain now should i?

Sunday went to a barbque where I was forced to watch Golf. That U.S. Open. I despise golf but this tournament or whatever you call it was actually somewhat entertaining. I don't even know what a bogey or a 5-iron is but it turned out to be....not bad. Supposedly the guy who won wasn't the crowd favorite. And what a crowd! These people really get into it. How can you stand there and watch people play golf is beyond my thinking. I can't even watch it from the comfort of my own couch let alone standing the heat. But the best part was watching Tiger Woods get his ass kicked. Guess you shouldn't have fired your coach eh Tiger?

And the Cubs are kicking some serious ass and that makes me happy.

I wish i could tell more stories but I can only have a social life once a month and that was it.

On the brighter side, my roommate probably won't be moving out anytime soon BUT she's going to Spain for a whole month at the end of this month. Nice graduation gift right?

Completely off topic: If there was a category for the world's worst radio spot, i know who the winner would be. That damn Chicago Fire commercial. ( I didn't even know we had a soccer team here) I can't describe it other than pure annoyance. I try not to blame the woman who is the voiceover for it because it's not like she wrote it but by god it's awful. Why must radio commercials be so bad?! WHY?

Oh yeah, they're cheap. That's why.

Coming up: I go home this weekend to Cleveland to celebrate a belated Happy Father's Day. So probably no updates until after that.

Unless something particularly spectacular happens in the next few days. Chances are slim. 0 comments so far

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