Red, White and Black 06.01.04

Okay I must elaborate and share with you the comment mr genghis-jon shared with me on my survey: genghis-jon's comment on this survey: Write more! You're too good of a writer to be updating every other pagan holiday. And get rid of the pink background on your site. I look like a homo reading you at work. The bunny's gotta go too.

See! That's why i got rid of the bunny design. But now i'm bored with this particular design already. If i got off my lazy ass and actually learned html I could probably design it myself but that's asking too much.

Anyone out there want to design my site for free? Come on, I'm beggin ya.

So my Memorial Day rawked.

I had a BBQ at the apartment which went off without a hitch. Too much alcohol and too much food but that's what makes for great times.

A couple gay boys and even a lesbian dropped by. Lesbians are funny.

I have no good stories for you although Erika and Sherry both sat in what we call the Gimp Chair and managed to fall down on their asses. Sherry did her's in more of a slow-motion fashion whereas Erika just fell with full force in a cartwheel-like descent, making a nice Margarita mix in her hair. But it worked out because whenever she was thirsty she just drank from her hair.

I shall end this less-than-stellar entry with a "you had to be there" quote from the BBQ:

Alex: "What's your porn name Sherry? (Where you take your first pet's name and the street you grew up on)

Sherry: "Blackie Longview." It would help to know that Sherry is black, which made this all the more funny.

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