Nomaaarrrrr!! and The Village Review 08.02.04

If you know nothing about baseball than just skip this and move onto eibisch or go watch that Bush/Kerry cartoon again.

There is a God.

And he is a Cubs fan.

So the rumor that I mentioned in my last entry came true, and with a twist! We didn't have to give up Clement, just Gonzalez. NICE.

For those of you completely lost, you need to pick up a sports section of your local paper, prreferably a Chicago or Boston paper, and get informed!

The funny part is, as I'm on the phone with a friend of mine while i'm walking down the street telling her about the good news, and some guy stops me and says, "We got WHO? Who got traded?" So I stop talking to my friend and inform the man of the Greatest News Ever. At this time it was just a rumor and hadn't been confirmed so I told him I was on my way home to turn on ESPN. I end up having a 10 minute conversation with this guy on the way back to my place.

Nice guy, his name is Felix and he works at a restaurant down the street that just opened up called Lucky's. They server Panini-type sandwiches. If you don't know what Panini's are than you live a sad sheltered life.

Anyways, i promised to bring him some business and come in sometime to talk sports. See? Chicagoans are actually very nice people once you get to know us. :) Just the Cubs fans though. Those Sox fans are a bunch of jackasses.

Speaking of the Sox, I'm going to get tickets to the Indians v. Sox game this weekend to cheer on my good old Indians. I miss them. I wish we could get good again, like in 95.

Then, if the Indians and the Cubs made it to the World Series (don't laugh, it COULD happen) I'd be in a win-win situation.

By the way, if you go see The Village, be prepared to Laugh Your Ass Off! It's a comedy!

Nothing says FUNNY like a blind woman running in the woods and getting poked in the eye and face with branches..and then running into a wall head on.

Oh M. Night Shamalanadingdong, you crack my shit up.

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