It's beginning to look a lot like Hangover Season
She's Alive
That's not V05, that's cheese oil.
Holy Crap
Ramones Reunion Nearly Complete
Tiny Dog Suffocates in Louis Vuitton Bag
Just call me bruiser.
The day after...
It's my birthday and I'll bitch if I want to.
Pop Quiz hot shot
What did Quentin Tarantino have to do with it?
The heart of Rock N Roll is not beating anymore
This honey tastes like Beer
The Art of Shopping
Today is October 11th. Yes, that's right. OCTOBER.
It's that fat kid
A brief update
And I ran....I ran so far away...
Coffee Quiz
Best Of
Nomaaarrrrr!! and The Village Review
Ritalin works wonders my dear.
Best Week Ever
Oh the Drama...
Something to break up your day
"Flames...on the side of my face..breathing, breathless, heaving breaths."
"You were doin fiddy -four in a fiddy-five."
I hate Rene Zellwegger
My arm hairs are stinging.
Good enough
And again, And again, And again.
Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
A sort of Date
Plop, you're dead.
Cutest Baby EVER
"War, WHUO! what is it good for?"
Writing to Stay Awake
Too much shit to read
"MMMMM Cookies"
Say What?
The bird has flown the coop
The Summer Slump
Tennis anyone?
Homos + Sangria = Good Times
Freaking out with Ronald McDonald
Danger! Danger!
3rd entry in one day? Somebody stop me!
Make me laugh
Just kill me now
The one where i just rant
MMMMM, Tastes like dead people!
Red, White and Black
Ask and you shall receive
You got a nice set of areolas.
It's all Captain Morgan's fault
That guy with the stain on his head has the right idea
"She's a bit of a loud talker"
Is it a full moon or what?
Party Etiquette
You make tea with WHAT?
Randomness is Goodness
Worst Blind Date Part 2
Worst Blind Date Part 1
You're Fired!
Nother Survey for you Peeps
I am...
You're kidding me
Are there any good radio stations out there?
A bunch of depressing crap
Take me out to the ball game
Another new look
Pardon me while i barf up a lung
I want my mommy!
There's no one like Grandma
Cubs Win! Cubs Win!
The first one

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