Pop Quiz hot shot 09.07.04

I was all about gaming this weekend. You know, the board kind.

I think it's standard to have alcohol accompany these games, even if it's not supposed to be part of it, for the sole purpose of getting through the game without feeling like a moron.

Trivial Pursuit is one of these games. You need alcohol so you feel about as dumb as the other people you're playing with. Takes the pressure off stupid people like me.

Then, when i answer, "Uzbekistan" when the answer was really "Pakistan," I don't feel so bad you know?

It's a stan. They're all the same.

So one night it was a game called "What the Fuck?!" A drinking game in which questions are posed to one player at a time, with a choice of A or B. The rest of the players guess what that person will answer. If you guess wrong, you have to drink a specified number of beers (or gulps as we played). This game only last one or two rounds, since the questions got really dumb. Too dumb even for the most drunk person.

Example: "What would you rather give up? Fruit or Vegetables?"

Ooooh...what a tough one. How riske!

We quickly threw that one out the door and figured Outburst would be a much better choice. And it proved well. The girls beat the guys the first round, nailing such topics as "Exotic Fruits" and "Things that are Green that aren't Vegetables."

We lost the second game to the boys though, losing badly on such topics like "Name the top 10 "Modern-Era" Golfers." But the guys had it easy with "Things that are Sticky," and "Items found in a hair salon."

I think I have a good scheme going with games like these, especially when caught off guard at a party, and you really don't want to play so as not to seem as stupid as you really are.

I like to answer with the typical "Oh you know, it's Whats-his-face, Whats-his-name, you knwo who I'm talking about." This makes me seem less dumb than I am and gives my teammates the impression that Yes, she knows the answer she just can't think of it right now. And when someone else on your team says something like, "Who was the chick that won the U.S. Open a few years ago, the blonde?" And you have no clue but you keep nodding your head like, "Yeah..her..gosh i just can't seem to think of her name right now. I can see her in my mind. It's right there! Oh!! Times up!"

It works like a charm. ;)

Trivial Pursuit was a whole other story. I'm not afraid to admit in front of these friends that yes, i know a little bit about sports but no, i know nothing about geography. Who won the 97 World Series? Easy. Where is Yemen on a map? No fucking clue.

We didn't do too bad. We had some easy questions though. Well, easier in comparison to the ones our opponents got.

I mean, realy, who's good at Trivial Pursuit? I have a little bit of anger and resentment towards that game. Damn you Trivial Pursuit. Damn you and your....your..trivial shit.

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