Writing to Stay Awake 07.07.04

I got about 4 hours of sleep last night because I kept waking up from having nightmares.

I never remember my dreams but the one that sticks out from last night was seeing a bunch of people hauling body parts in trash bags around town and me asking them, "But were they dead before he chopped them up or after?"

Can you tell I've been watching too much Law and Order lately?

Speaking of assholes, how many times can someone ask you "Did I get any faxes?" in one day before you punch them? We're about to find out.

And speaking of randomness, have you noticed that if a telemarketer has an accent, especially an Australian one, it's a lot harder to hang up on them? They just sound so much friendlier.

But if they have a Chinese or Latino accent, you actually look forward to hanging up on them? They just sound so much dumber.

Wow, this was pointless.

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