This cannot be happening.

He called.(refer to previous entry for background info)

He left me a really creepy message.

I think it goes something like this:

"Hey there celebrity phone call for being the celebrity of course. It's 12:30 on Wednesday. Just calling to break up your week for you. I'm just sitting here waiting for one my students to drop by. I so wish you could just take the rest of the day off and come out and play but of course, that can't happen. So i guess i'm just calling to brag that i'll be able to play. Well I'm sure I'll talk to you later. Bye."

Ummm..I'm speechless. How about you? And WTF does that celebrity thing mean?

I'm thinking about the "date" on Sunday and what transpired. Perhaps I exaggerated in my entry about it? No. I was nonchalant about pretty much everything he had to say. I sat there like a bump on a log with nothing to say. I could not have looked more bored or pissed off. A BLIND DEAF MUTE could have sensed the boredom oozing from my body on that date. I had all the classic sypmtoms: Slumped shoulders, face in the hands, rolling of the eyes, yawns galore, one-word responses to his questions.

But now i think that he actually enjoyed that part of the date.

See, he made one comment that night that sticks out.

He said, "I told my friend "She's brassy. I like that.""

So I guess i was so brassy (whatever that means) that he was turned on and took it as a sign that i was interested. That is seriously the only thing i can think of to explain this behavior.

Why, dear god, why would he call? Were we on the same date?

But i owe my readers a big thank you and they owe me a big " We told you so" because you hit the nail on the head. Most of you told me men just need to hear the words "NO I'm not interested! Goodbye!" I should have listened. Shame on me. Let the spanking commence.

So now i'm in an even bigger hole than I was before.

I'm having a BBQ Saturday which he already knows about which I can't uninvite him to because he knows people who are going and he could easily find out if I had it and lied.

And i don't want to be a major bitch. That would be just cruel.

So, here's my solution. Tell me what you think.

Pending no further calls from him this week, I just see him at the BBQ. I make it clear that I'm not interested by speaking to him minimally (meaning, hardly at all). Then, since other guy friends of mine will be there, I make it a big point to flirt (which i would do anyways) to make it known, HEY I'm no ones Woman. Take THAT!

A little butt squeeze here, a little kiss on the cheek there. Maybe even flirt with the gay boys in case i'm desperate enough.

THEN, after all that, if he's still acting as if there's this imaginary attraction between us, I can then tell him to politely get a life.

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