And again, And again, And again. 07.16.04

In case you haven't guessed HE called again.

I'm not even going to get into it because I'm as tired of posting it as much as you are reading about it. And before anyone says anything yes I'm going to call him today and lay it all out.

For those of you that are lost as to what I'm talking about, don't even worry your pretty little head.

In other news...

I was walking home from the gym and spotted an older looking short fat man walking towards me wearing footies and a hospital gown.

Yes, a hospital gown. And yes he was naked underneath. He was actually walking and holding the back ends of it together so his ass wouldn't show. I had to do a double take because as I was walking home, the Cubs game had gotten out most of the people around me were drunk from the game so I don't think they even noticed this old half naked man walking around with blue footies.

I actually wanted to follow him to see what his deal was. At first I thought maybe it was a a Candid Camera/Jackass type thing. Or maybe he was an extra on the set of the new Batman movie they're filming here. But I really think this was for real.

I mean I haven't read any stories in the news today about a dark haired fat man escaping from the psycho ward in Chicago so I suppose we're safe for now. What a let down.

Yesterday I stunk. I mean really stunk. I went to the gym shortly after being outside monitoring Tennis for CSSC so I was already a little rank.

Then I make it worse by going to the gym and sweating my brains out. But it was the first time I actually smelled myself.

I was doing chin assists and almost fell off from the stench coming from my pits. And that never happens. I'm a very clean person and I hate going to the gym and working out next to someone (usually a guy, sorry fellas) who just reeks of sweat and BO. It's almost worse than the smell of shit. Isn't it?

And isn't this the greatest subject to start your morning with? I hope you had breakfast already.

Luckily, as I was walking home, still reeking, most of the peope walking in my direction were so drunk from the Cubs game that they probably didn't even notice this foul odor passing them by.

On the agenda for the weekend:

My BBQ of course which will probably end up being very low-key. But that's alright, plenty of food and drinks to go around.

And like an idiot I agreed to work on Sunday for CSSC telling stupid softball players, "Field 1 is that way, field 2 is that way. The one with the #2 on it."

I gotta get my pointing finger ready.

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