"War, WHUO! what is it good for?" 07.08.04

There is absolutely nothing going on at work today so I'm taking advantage of the silence and learning about the Vietnam War.

I now know what napalm is.

Seriously though we never learned about Vietnam in high school. By the time we got to June, we had just finished learning about WW2. I swear they just counted on us to learn about it in college.

I didn't have hippie parents so no one really talked to me about it. And lately i've been on a history kick, what with the Band of Brothers being repeated on the History Channel. (By the way that's all i'm asking for for my bday, the Band of Brothers DVD. It is THAT good.)

I went to Kent State for god's sake, you would think I would know about Vietnam of all things. But sadly, no, i'm history illiterate. Whatever that means.

But I just read a brief history on it and I feel much smarter. About 2% smarter than when I walked into work this morning.

Next, it's on to brush up on that good old WW2.

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