"Flames...on the side of my face..breathing, breathless, heaving breaths." 07.23.04

I woke up in the middle of the night with a flaming ear.

I mean I literally went to the mirror in the bathroom to check to see if flames were shooting out of it.

See, I have this ear problem..don't know what it's called. Never bothered to really research it. Doctor just says "Take these drops and this cream and you'll be fine."

All i know is it's much better now but I seriously thought my ear might fall off from me scratching the shit out of it.

So last night we had a pie fight at work. Basically we were relieving some stress from this week. (In a nutshell, we find out today who is getting laid off). I swear I had the melody, "Dum Dum Du Duuuum" going through my head this morning on the way to work.

So after the big boss man left last night we broke out the alcohol and the pies and chaos ensued. But a good kind of chaos.

I managed to just get some pie in the hair and on the elbow. Some others were not so lucky. But being the good little worker bees that we are, we cleaned everything up although I noticed some stains leftover in the carpet.

I called them jizz stains. Because it's more fun to say "jizz" than "pie."

I thought I would go home and pass the hell out since I drank a ton of crap but I didn't. I stayed up and made this great chicken. You put mayonnaise on it..then put some parmasean (sp?) cheese on it, then top it off with corn flakes all crumbled up. Then bake at 325 for 1 hour. YUM!

Just call me Betty Fuckin Crocker.

Perhaps a career in the culinary arts is more for me in case I lose my job today.

I thought about what I would do if I am one of the "chosen" ones. It's always a little scary being unemployed and not knowing if you're going to make rent.

Make that ALOT scary. But for some reason I'm pretty calm about it. I don't have a husband or a family to support and I have enough experience to get something in the same field for probably the same amount of money. I just feel bad for the people who have to support themselves and someone else or their kids too. Not fun. No good times.

Well, I'll keep you abreast of the situation.

I just like saying "abreast."

Because it's more fun than saying "updated."

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