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I wish i had the power to fire interns. I would do it in a second. Iím off of work one day and i come back to find my keyboard completely fried. The intern claims she doesnít know how it happened but i think she spilled something on it. Granted my job isnít all THAT important but just a few hours without a keyboard and i was about to go out of my mind. After all, thereís a diary to be written in and more procrastination to be done!

And iím sure you have been on the edge of your seats wondering how my Easter weekend was. :)

So I get to Cleveland by 10:30 at night, stop by grandmas and head home to sleep.

We celebrated Easter on Saturday so Saturday morning we blessed the baskets (a very old ethnic tradition in the Catholic Church) like we do every year although this time was without Grandma and that was a little sad since i know she enjoyed doing it. We tried to get the basket exactly the way she used to set it up with the kielbasa and the butter lamb and eggs but it just wasn't the same.

My mom still gets all of us a basket even though we're all in our 20's. I got two magazines (Self and Shape) which i was actually pretty excited about. I mean i work out like a fiend now that I had a personal trainer, but i need that extra motivation sometimes. Not to mention i need some new recipes. I also got a Stephen King book. I'm not crazy about him but hey, gives me something to read at work. Also got some candy of course and PEEPS. Even though year after year i end up just throwing them away. I don't get the phenomenon with Peeps. Those things are nasty. You might as well just eat a spoonful of sugar while you're at it.

The best gift I got was a picture frame with Grandma's photo in it and these salt and pepper shakers that she had.

Afterwards I helped with the cooking, dinner was to start at 5 but of course everyone was late. Mom was not happy. But a couple glasses of wine later and she was okay. The woman only drinks twice a year so it's actually kind of fun to watch her get tipsy.

The food was amazing. I don't think i've eaten so much bread in one weekend. If i was counting carbs i would have been in big trouble.

We watched the Matrix:Revolutions and after mocking the "acting" and numerous plot holes, we went to bed.

Sunday was pretty uneventful although we did go to the cemetary to see Grandma and Gramps and Katie. That was very said since i hadn't been there since the funeral. But since it was Easter, all the graves had lots of bright flowers, pinwheels and other decorations so it actually was almost passable as a happy, serene place.

The worst part though, was driving past the graves that look like a child is buried there. I hate that part. I don't know how people can lose a child so early in life. That would just kill me and I don't even have kids!

I worked out yesterday in order to kill the 10,000 calories i must have consumed in bread and chocolate over the weekend. I totally kicked my own ass. Squats, dead lifts, running, abs, everything. YEAAAAHH! (That was a Howard Dean roar for those that didn't know) Yes, I felt the burn and i liked it.

And yesterday was the end of Lent so i was able to drink again after giving it up for 40 days. And celebrate i did!

Went to Big City to watch the Cubs Home Opener...Started out with just a couple drinks at first. I didnít have enough money on me to get loaded quickly so i called my landlord who came out with some of our other tenants and i knew i wouldnít have to pay for a thing for the rest of the night. I totally paced myself but i dont think i needed to because all that damn bread i ate over the weekend must have still been in my body cause it took 2 shots of Blackhaus and a shot of Jager to really get me going. I donít even remember drinking anything else. I just remember pointing to random men and telling them to come over and talk to me and inviting one back to my apartment but luckily the people i was with saw that i was just a drunken idiot and protected me from engaging in any potentially bad experiences with random strangers. I do remember ordering food and something must have had a red pepper in it because when i woke up at 3 am dying of thrist, i specifically remember belching with a hint of a red pepper stench. Nice.

I passed out around 9 at night i guess and woke up around 3am and never really fell back asleep. I actually wished it was 7am so i could go to work.

Tonight on Bravo they are premiering a show called Showbiz moms and dads. Oh man this show has some definite potential for a guilty pleasure. I hate reality tv but this is one i gotta see. Nothing better than watching obsessive moms and dads permanetnly scarring their kids for life.

Tune in!

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