Randomness is Goodness 04.21.04

Well it looks like at least some people enjoyed my Blind Date Story. I have more of course but can't give it all away at once, right?

I thought of editing it down to make it shorter so more people would read it cause god knows i don't like to sit there and read long ass entries like that too much, but fuck it.

Some random observations from my desk at work:

*Since i'm the receptionist i think i see a lot fucked up shit. Like i can tell you how many times our sales rep goes to the bathroom. And nine times out of ten she ends up coming out of there bitching that the toilet is broken. What the hell? What are you doing in there that it breaks ONLY when you get done with it? Stupid bitch.

*The same sales rep leaves for lunch at about 11:45, comes back at 1:30 and watches tv for another half hour. And you wonder why our company is about to go under?

*People will bitch to anyone about anyone at any given time just to make them feel better about themselves.

*A good intern is hard to find and even harder to keep around.

*A bad intern loves to volunteer to work just so they can brag later on that they are so tired from working so hard.

*The bosses wife works with us also and uses the same bathroom i mentioned above. She proceeds to stink up the joint everyday but conveniently "blames" it on someone else.

*She also sings while she's faxing something and the fax machine is right behind me. Today she sang a song her kids sang to her from the show "Lambchop" with Sherry Lewis. Okay, just from her mentioning the fact that her kid watched that show tells me her kids are going to be so fucked up when they get older if they aren't already. What the hell? Was Sesame Street too riske for them? God forbid they see Cookie Monster devour a bag of cookies, that could give them the wrong idea about nutrition right? I actually met one of her kids and god help him. This kid is "gifted" as she puts it of course. She talks about him as if he shit gold in his diapers when he was younger. This kid is 12 and already he's shaping up to be a total magoo. And when i say magoo i mean gay.

There is no hope for him. It's too late. He's already in every class play, every choral/music event, every class event. And he's only in the 6th grade. I know all this because she tells me every chance she gets about how great her son is. And that's why she gets to leave work everyday, "Gotta pick him up and get him ready for his show tonight!"

This kid is either going to end up on Broadway very successful or end up like Stephen Kings "Apt Pupil."

Okay that was basically a rant about my coworker but hey it's the middle of the week, it's the best i can do.

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