Homos + Sangria = Good Times 06.22.04


Guess what? I did have something spectacular happen to me despite yesterday's entry that i must share with you all.

Wait for it....wait for it.

I stayed out until 3 AM last night!

Big whoop right? But just listen.

A bunch of us went out to celebrate two of our friend's birthdays. Now, these two guys are gay. I LOVE hanging out with gay men! They are so fun! I think it's like, a prerequisite to be a homo. You have to be funny. It's in the handbook or something.

Anyways, we had dinner at a tapas restaurant with the Sangria flowing.

Of course, I thought, this is where my night will end. But no.

Someone mentioned a club and off we went. Well, some of us. The smart ones went home for a good night's sleep. I, on the other hand, don't have much of a life so i figured what the hell. Plus the club is literally across the street from my apartment.

Well, two shots and one vodka tonic later, i was still there. Played the worst game of pool EVER in my life. I didn't sink one shot. Not even close!

I found out this weekend is Gay Pride Parade and i actually considered changing my plans to go home in two weeks instead so I could attend the festivities. But then, what kind of a conversation would that be like with my parents.

"Yeah, you know how we're supposed to celebrate Father's Day this weekend dad? Yeah....I think i want to stay here because a bunch of us are going to hang out for the Gay Pride parade. You understand right?"

Hey, my dad's always asking if i'm meeting any nice boys here. And yes, he still uses the term nice boys. I'm not 25 in his eyes, i'm 12.

Yeah that wouldn't go over too well. So unfortunately i'll miss the festivities.

Getting back to the story....

The birthday boy (the only one who was left at the end) tells me he's going to another club just down the street. So i figured, what the hell. One more club.

It was here that i witnessed more gay behavior. But not in a bad way. I'm so intrigued by gay etiquette. I swear gay guys have the biggest balls. They will go up to any guy in a club and pretty much grab his package if he's sitting alone or looks single and available. They'll strike up a conversation with anyone too. I've witnessed this at the gym i go to as well. They will openly flirt and let their feelings be known at the drop of a hat. I love that!

Now see, if straight guys could do that, it would eliminate alot of heartache and wasted time. I think it might even eliminate dating altogether. We would just hook up once and end up married on the next date.

Well, maybe not.

But in my next life, I'm coming back as a gay man. 0 comments so far

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