What did Quentin Tarantino have to do with it? 08.30.04

I saw the movie "Hero" this past weekend.

Same director of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Jet Li. Good martial arts moves, great effects and amazing cinematography. Other than that, a bit ho-hum.

I tend to get into Myster Science Theater 3000 mode when I'm watching a movie, especially in a theater when the dialogue is minimal and a lot of long drawn out shots take place.

For instance, there is alot of the "look back at camera with hair blowing in the wind" shots. Enough that I almost started counting them. So that got old. But in between I caught myself actually captioning a few of the scenes in my head.

Of course, this is impossible to narrate through this site without anyone having actually seen the movie, and without viewing the scene it's really not that funny. But in my head, i'm laughing my ass off. Trust me.

In other news, I have some quotes from the past few weeks that I think you might enjoy.

After viewing the number of medals The USA won in the Olympics on the news:

Not-So-Bright chick: "What does the "T" stand for?

Me: "Total number of medals."

NSB Chick: "Ohhhh..."

Joe: "No actually it stands for Tin. That's the medal you get when you come in 4th place."

NSB Chick: "Really?"

During the movie "Hero" where a lake is shown with a greenish tint to it:

Someone behind me: "That's the Chicago River."

After the movie ended and the credits started rolling:

Someone else behind me: "And that's the story of Jesus."

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